Britian is at war. Hitler,the sworn enemy of Britian, is at war with our beloved island.Britian we need your sacrifices to defend us.Furthermore  the army needs your strength.Don’t just sit down at home waiting for better days, help the war to destroy Hitlla and his Nazi party. We mostly need your aid! Many citizens don’t even bother to apply to the army. Do you want your treasurous island home to be ruled by Hitler? Hitler is mercilessly Killy our innocent British men from our army.


World War 2 Persuasive Essay

At this moment, Britain, our precious island home, is at war and urgently needs your help. In this time of great need, many British citizens like you are sat as still as a rock not bothering to help the war effort. Additionally, to help Britain, you need to sacrifice your possessions and help the allies achieve their goals. I argue that the more sacrifices we make, the shorter the war will be.

Help your country by donating railings. Donating railings means that colossal aircrafts and upgraded armoury is being made because of you. Be part of the war by sacrificing your railings. Do your part to save your precious island home.

Why should you be afraid of blackouts? Shut your curtains if you want to see the world when the allies gain victory over a huge amount of foolish German soldiers. Furthermore, it is imperative that we stay protected under a shelter

We need to help our country!

The Battle of Britain has began.Hitler,a lazy leader,doesn’t believe in equality.Do you want to be responsible for this wrong opinion?it is your duty toas well as everyone else’s to protect our precious home land.If most of us sighn up for the war,Britain might succeed .Futhermore we need to help our country,because we are British.

World war 2 essay

Your country needs you. How will Britian succeed in world war two if you and your family don’t change your daily life’s. Hitler, the horrible Germany leader, is invaiding Europe one country at a time. Changing our daily lives and making sacrifices will help less soles  be lost. At this this time of great too many people like you are sitting at home, not helping the war effort.

Some people do not know about the blackouts.

Soldiers,are very sneaky with bombs,with light they can bomb you.If you have light and you don’t realise you will have to hide,however it is emperative that you should not have any light in your house, but if they see light and you hide they will still bomb you because they know your in there.Soldiers have been mercilessly bombing houses especially they bomb wherever they like. Some people run away from your country and being selfish. Moreover

Britain declared war on Germany. Hitler, a disgraceful human being, has mercilessly been invading the whol ofEurope, one country at a time. We must sacrifice our belongings to survive. If we do so, we will succeed in this brutal war. Many people have realised this, although  they don’t sacrifice anything. Being greedy for themselves. When they want good for them only, and don’t care about other people. Too many people are dying because of this, do you want to be responsible for this incorrect view of our nation?

Life in War

It is important that Britain succeed in the war fighting against Germany.Therefore we need your help to defeat them.It is our moral duty to make sacrifices for our own good.Hitler,the sworn enemy of Britain,is mercilessly killing people.