Sports day! Rahma

On sports day we had lots of fun full stop
We played javelin, bean bag and long jump.
I was in Red team and I had a race with Leona and my friends.
I had so much fun.
Then we had lunch.
I had a tuna sandwich fruit and bread stick.

After lunch I had lots of energy.
Later I played javelin.
We had to throw the javelin as far as we can.
My javeline didnt go very far.

I played a game with bean bags. I had to throw the beanbag in the hoop. I put one bean bag in the hoop.

Next I played penalty shoot out.
After that I had a rest and sat on the grass and read a book with Leona.
The book was called Bethany the ballet fairy.

I watched a game of tug of war against year 6 and the teachers. I think the teachers won the game.


Then  I joined my friends for a another sport. Finally it was time to go home. I sat in the cab with Leona and Jusna. We came back to school.

I feel happy happy that my team won.


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