Sport Relief

On sport relief we dressed as our sports hero . Adults were doing some sport tricks and they tried to break their personal record but it was really funny. Most of the adults broke their record but everyone was full with laughter but everyone had a lot of fun. There was a cake sale at our school and we raised a lot of money for sports relief. at the end of the day we were so tired from all that fun from that day. A sports person came our school to teach us how to play cricket and we saw his bat he uses of real cricket matches and he showed his bowl. People bought wristbands and a pen and all the money went to charity. The school gave the money that we raised we gave it to charity. We had so much fun because there was adults doing sports thing there . Everyone cheered on as the adults tried to brake their personal record but everyone enjoyed it. y5 and Y6 had a dance off and every other year had one to so everyone had the chance to dance and show their moves. Most of the people dressed as their sports hero. to dress as your hero you would have to pay 1 pound but all that money went to charity which was a good thing.

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