Sport Relief

On Friday 18th March (2016) we had sport relief and we reflected on people who aren’t as fortunate as us. We raised money for them by buying wrist bands and fancy pens. We also handed in some money and dressed up as a sporty person. Not only did we have fun but helped a lot of peoples lives that were having a hard time. We felt happy and good about what we did for other people and how we helped them. In the morning we had a dance off,each year group had to vs the closest year and just burst out their amazing dancing! A famous cricketer called Jahed Ahmed visited us and we had a cricket lesson with him. Jahed  Ahmed introduced a real bat they would use in a match to us. There also was a ball that was made out of leather and it wasn’t as heavy as we thought it would be. The teachers in our school had to do something really silly in assembly and in our assembly we also watched/reflected on  a clip about  a poor girl that needed help from us fortunate people. We had a fun time donating and we all hope the lives that needed help got our help and we wish them all the best. Raising for the poor and homeless people would be great, it will make everyone joyful and will also give all those people who need help a chance to live peacefully. There will be no sadness in our lives if we donate and help others. What we are hoping for is that we have no other homeless or poor people and so that everyone has equal lives. If you dont want to see anyone worried or don’t want to be worried yourself then go out there and help those lives! You all have the chance to make things equal and better.

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