East o’ sun west o’ moon

Long long ago there lived a huge family were they were content and jovial.They didn’t have a mother,so they were helpless but  they had a lot of children.Because they are poor ,they don’t have much clothing or food to give them. All of the children are very pretty but the prettiest was the youngest daughter.After a while there was a huge crash at the door where there was a white shiny bear.The bear was beside a tree however he wasn’t a normal bear  he was so shiny that you will be blind.The bear came into the cottage and says,”Can I have your youngest daughter,if you do then I will make you rich as you are now poor.” reluctantly the girl greed s she went of with the shiny white bear to the snowy forest.

Soon after, they came to  a tall  tower which lead to the end of the countryside.During dinner time the princess was shocked because she never knew that  they would serve gold and silver plates glimmering like the moon.Later on the princess was sent to her new bedroom where she fell fast sleep.When she woke up she heard a noise,”What, who’s there?!”questioned the princess. “it’s me grrrrrr!” Growled the bear. The princess who is very lovely,always takes care for her family. Later, the princess went back to sleep feeling less frightened.

The princess lighted up a candle to gaze at the bear however the bear was curled up next to the fireplace. When she got back into her brand new bedroom, she saw a prince lying down in the corner of her room. A few seconds later the princess was next to the prince and the prince woke up. After they started to get to know each other and start talking.“where’s the bear,what have you done to him!”exclaimed the princess . “I have transformed  into a bear at morning and prince at night


Year 5 have been learning about World War Two and I think it is really important to remember those who fought in the war.During the war many people did not want to make sacrifices for the war and they must have thought,the war is too far away to bother with we don’t want to make sacrifices.However I think that they should have because it would benefit the war and Britain would be really close to winning the war.would you have made sacrifices or would you have let your country down?

Our trip to Churchill war rooms

When we arrived at Churchill war rooms everyone was excited to see it so we went of in our groups and we were to using on the questions that we had. We recognised that all the clocks in the rooms were pointing at 4:57-45:00 and we guessed that was the time that the war ended and that is when they left the underground war rooms. The furniture looked really old and it was loucky that we got to hear the actual voice of Winston Churchill. Everything was in the same place that it was when it was World War Two. Some of the important people that were there were Anthony Eden and Clement Attlee. It was interesting to know who Churchill was and what he did.

Britian is at war. Hitler,the sworn enemy of Britian, is at war with our beloved island.Britian we need your sacrifices to defend us.Furthermore  the army needs your strength.Don’t just sit down at home waiting for better days, help the war to destroy Hitlla and his Nazi party. We mostly need your aid! Many citizens don’t even bother to apply to the army. Do you want your treasurous island home to be ruled by Hitler? Hitler is mercilessly Killy our innocent British men from our army.


Word War 2 Literacy

Some people are happy to sacrifice, but we do not have enough things to help Britain.You do not have to give your stuff,but the whole of Britain will see you as cowards not the soldiers.But not just that,you will help Britain to beat Hitlers nazi party.But people will edmire you,and if you ever meet a soldier you can say proudly “I helped you to win the war”

World War 2 Persuasive Essay

At this moment, Britain, our precious island home, is at war and urgently needs your help. In this time of great need, many British citizens like you are sat as still as a rock not bothering to help the war effort. Additionally, to help Britain, you need to sacrifice your possessions and help the allies achieve their goals. I argue that the more sacrifices we make, the shorter the war will be.

Help your country by donating railings. Donating railings means that colossal aircrafts and upgraded armoury is being made because of you. Be part of the war by sacrificing your railings. Do your part to save your precious island home.

Why should you be afraid of blackouts? Shut your curtains if you want to see the world when the allies gain victory over a huge amount of foolish German soldiers. Furthermore, it is imperative that we stay protected under a shelter

We need to help our country!

The Battle of Britain has began.Hitler,a lazy leader,doesn’t believe in equality.Do you want to be responsible for this wrong opinion?it is your duty toas well as everyone else’s to protect our precious home land.If most of us sighn up for the war,Britain might succeed .Futhermore we need to help our country,because we are British.

World war 2 essay

Your country needs you. How will Britian succeed in world war two if you and your family don’t change your daily life’s. Hitler, the horrible Germany leader, is invaiding Europe one country at a time. Changing our daily lives and making sacrifices will help less soles  be lost. At this this time of great too many people like you are sitting at home, not helping the war effort.


In 1939,Britain declared war on Germany.Hitler,a disgraceful human,has mercilessly invaded Europe.It is our moral duty to make sacrifices to win the war.It is imperative that we make sacrifices to succeed in the war.Some people believe that they should not have to make sacrifices. However I argue that Britain need our help to do everything we can.Do you want to save your country or do you want to lose the war?

A few weapons have been made.However we need more,sacrifice your luxury railings to make more weapons.Moreover,less people will die,and we will get a step closer to winning wwll

Some people do not know about the blackouts.

Soldiers,are very sneaky with bombs,with light they can bomb you.If you have light and you don’t realise you will have to hide,however it is emperative that you should not have any light in your house, but if they see light and you hide they will still bomb you because they know your in there.Soldiers have been mercilessly bombing houses especially they bomb wherever they like. Some people run away from your country and being selfish. Moreover