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Sports day! Rahma

On sports day we had lots of fun full stop
We played javelin, bean bag and long jump.
I was in Red team and I had a race with Leona and my friends.
I had so much fun.
Then we had lunch.
I had a tuna sandwich fruit and bread stick.

After lunch I had lots of energy.
Later I played javelin.
We had to throw the javelin as far as we can.
My javeline didnt go very far.

I played a game with bean bags. I had to throw the beanbag in the hoop. I put one bean bag in the hoop.

Next I played penalty shoot out.
After that I had a rest and sat on the grass and read a book with Leona.
The book was called Bethany the ballet fairy.

I watched a game of tug of war against year 6 and the teachers. I think the teachers won the game.


Then  I joined my friends for a another sport. Finally it was time to go home. I sat in the cab with Leona and Jusna. We came back to school.

I feel happy happy that my team won.


Fun day – Abdullah yr5

On fun day I did riding the donkey it was so dirty . I watch a Show of mr sekete .later I was to see mr sekeke get magic trick. I saw a Boucher Castile an I didn’t go inside.I saw a wedding car it was white an little bit big .then I did face paint Of Spider-Man. I was Eat vanigeme samosa . I saw Leona do face print. I brought a ballon is a cuibe then red ballon like spiderman.
I was play buzzer for 5 time . Belinha and Aquddus and Cath they do raceme ticket . Childen win tablet and TVs and lightboumb and vouchers. I saw big cake I eat all. I saw a big yellow ice cream finally I went home with my nanni.

By Abdullah

My holiday

In my two weeks holiday I spent my extra time reading and doing my homework. I also had fun because we celebrated my sisters birthday early and we went to our friends house. I had lots of fun while learning new things and teaching stuff I already know to other people. I have been doing a new maths problem book which has challenged me and made me take a step forward and i have tried new things. I spent some of my time relaxing and sleeping. I have spent most of my time praying to god to help me in what I do. And i hope you enjotyed my learning.

Sport Relief

Sport relief was held in our school on the Friday the 18th of March 2016. In our school, sport relief was extremely fun. We came dressed as our favorite athlete, but if we didn’t have the costume then you could just wear your PE kit.

Firstly, we had a dance off against Year 6. We tried our best. We danced to the song called, ‘Dynamite’. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we did our best and that’s all that matters.

Next, we met a cricketer called Jahid and he taught us how to bowl and bat.

After that, we painted our clay models, and then had a cake sale.

Sport Relief

On sport relief we dressed as our sports hero . Adults were doing some sport tricks and they tried to break their personal record but it was really funny. Most of the adults broke their record but everyone was full with laughter but everyone had a lot of fun. There was a cake sale at our school and we raised a lot of money for sports relief. at the end of the day we were so tired from all that fun from that day. A sports person came our school to teach us how to play cricket and we saw his bat he uses of real cricket matches and he showed his bowl. People bought wristbands and a pen and all the money went to charity. The school gave the money that we raised we gave it to charity. We had so much fun because there was adults doing sports thing there . Everyone cheered on as the adults tried to brake their personal record but everyone enjoyed it. y5 and Y6 had a dance off and every other year had one to so everyone had the chance to dance and show their moves. Most of the people dressed as their sports hero. to dress as your hero you would have to pay 1 pound but all that money went to charity which was a good thing.

Sport Relief

On Friday 18th March (2016) we had sport relief and we reflected on people who aren’t as fortunate as us. We raised money for them by buying wrist bands and fancy pens. We also handed in some money and dressed up as a sporty person. Not only did we have fun but helped a lot of peoples lives that were having a hard time. We felt happy and good about what we did for other people and how we helped them. In the morning we had a dance off,each year group had to vs the closest year and just burst out their amazing dancing! A famous cricketer called Jahed Ahmed visited us and we had a cricket lesson with him. Jahed  Ahmed introduced a real bat they would use in a match to us. There also was a ball that was made out of leather and it wasn’t as heavy as we thought it would be. The teachers in our school had to do something really silly in assembly and in our assembly we also watched/reflected on  a clip about  a poor girl that needed help from us fortunate people. We had a fun time donating and we all hope the lives that needed help got our help and we wish them all the best. Raising for the poor and homeless people would be great, it will make everyone joyful and will also give all those people who need help a chance to live peacefully. There will be no sadness in our lives if we donate and help others. What we are hoping for is that we have no other homeless or poor people and so that everyone has equal lives. If you dont want to see anyone worried or don’t want to be worried yourself then go out there and help those lives! You all have the chance to make things equal and better.

Sports relief

On Friday the 18th of March was sport relief.Everyone had dressed up as their favourite sports person.In the morning we had a really exiting assembly,because all the teachers had to do something silly.Also we had a dance off,different classes vs each other and the audience had to scream for  who they want the winner to be and the winner will get 10 mins extra play.

Swanlea Science Ambassador

On 15th  March five children went to Swanlea school as a science ambassador. We did lots of experiments and there where different schools as well. Our first experiment was tumbling toast when we had to find out that whenever you drop your bread does it land butter side up or butter side down? And we found out that mostly when you drop your bread it lands butter side down. Our next experiment was racing rockets where we rolled around a straw and closed one end with tape and placed the straw back in rocket and blowed the straw and we saw who’s rocket flew the furthest.

Sport Relief

Sport relief

On Friday 18 march Kobi Nazrul had sport relief we all had to dress up as our favorite sport player. We had a dance of and first was the teachers and adults then the children. We had so much fun! And the adults were so funny and teachers as well as  when all the classes were all gone up to there class room  year 5 and year 6 stayed and did more dancing and we were really tired.After that we met the famous inland cricket player Jahid ahmed.