Kensington Palace

First we went to the trainstation to set off to Kensington Palace it took 15 stops .

Next we entered the palace , the doors were really cool because when you push it opens and stays in it’s place.

 After that we explored the palace and filled in our clip board wich was filled with questions.

Then we ate lunch . It was very yummy .

Finally we left the palace and went school.

My trip to Kensington palace

On our trip to Kensington palace,we first went to the tube station on the tube we stopped at Earl’s Court . After we got onto another train to South Kensington then after a 10 minute walk we finally arrived at the palace when we got into the palace the other school was very noisy but when they had gone it was very quiet then we hung our coats up after we had hung our coats up we split up into three groups and then we went inside one of the rooms after we had went inside half of the rooms it was lunch now we


Kensington palace

On Monday the 5th of December we went to a special palace called Kengsington palace.We went by the tube,it was 15 stops!It took a long time so me and Sara pretended that we’re statues.

When we arived we had to put risbands on as tickets.There was a few other schools there.Once we got our tickets we got our clip boards and started writing a few answers.

Did you know that everything had to be removed when the queen had smallpox,but they kept some things such as her bed,chandler

Kensington palace


On Monday we went on a trip to Kensington palace.

We saw picture of Queen Mary and Prince Albert. The Royal  family lived in Kensington palace.First we went to rooms and found some facts.

On the tube we were with  the public.Queen Mary had no children and was alone with Prince Albert.  We saw lots of statues and pictures.




“First we took train from Aldgate Station”.The first thing we saw is the beautiful Christmas tress and we went inside the Kensington palace.Then,we saw lots of rooms so we went in room and Mumit wore the King dress.”It was lots of chairs in the room”.We saw lots of toys as well.We took lots of pictures.We had lunch with our crowns and it was so small room to eat lunch.”After lunch our teacher Ikfu took us to different rooms.It was so fun in Kensington palace”.”Our teacher give us camera and we took lots of pictures”.It was actually really really fun.

Kensington palace circle class

On Monday we went to this amazing trip we went to Kensington palace.First we went to Algate east station .On the tube we were talking and we had a  really long chat.After 10 stops we arrived at South Kensington then we went for a long walk and we took really amazing pictures.After that we arrived at Kensington palace and first we went to this room and we had to put our coats away.

Next our teacher gave us notepads because she wanted us to learn more about castles and  it was really hard but finally I got them all right. We saw some different pictures of kings and queens that lived in Kensingtonton palace . After we had to wash our hands then we had our yummy and scruptious lunch but we had to finish early because we  had to continue on our questions but when we had our lunch we wore our crowns and our teacher took a picture of us.