The library of everything !

On Monday Belinda called us into the hall for an emergency. She told us  that the library of everything has  landed in our school . The library is like a old place with old books and Belinda and Peter is a librarian and they have a book that doesn ‘ t open we use that to open the door.One day on my friend Chair there was a book and then we told Peter and he took us to the library and we saw a lady and her name is Mrs.peabody she is the guardian for the library .She told us that the library has over 100 rooms. Also she told us a story about a little girl called Ivy.At the end she gave us a apprentice card.After all that  we went to  another library but that library is normal and we wrote what happened in the library of everything.And when we went back to our class room we wrote again about what happened in the library to our teacher.

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