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The library of everything

On Monday the 5th of December Belinder told use there was a secret library in the music room. Belinder told us that everybody will have a go to see it . Circle class went on Friday the 9th of December. We all took tearns to go. Peter took 10 people . When it was my group tern Peter got the book that can’t open and he placed it next to a book.

When we got inside we saw a lady her name was pebody she told us that there are 38 floors. Pebody told us a story about a spider that went down the drain. After that he fell down the drain and he saw lots of cool people and he saw the queen spider.finally she gave us a card and we loved them

The Library of Everything

When we were in assembly, Belinda spotted a new room right next to the music room,it was called the Library of Everything.

The door looked like a bookshelf and there was a secret book to the library for it to open.

When you go in there is a sign that says DO NOT ENTER which is a secret pathway to a room but crawl under it.

There is another one where you walk through the pathway and you meet someone in a small room ,she is a Peabody, a person who makes sure a room that is safe.

We heard lots of story’s that were quiet interesting.

After,we went in the Library of Everything ,We went to the Library outside to draw stuff about the Library of Everything.


The library of everything

It all happen on a emergency assembly on the 5th December. That day Belinda called Tony because there was a shelf that books on it but when Tony came he said that he was there for 5 minutes. Belinda saw this lock book on her desk and even she told Imran to call Peter. When Peter arrived Belinda told everything what happened but when Belinda was talking about the lock book Peter was so confused because  he had the lock book as well.

On Friday when lunch time was finished we went upstairs but when we went inside our class we spotted a book which said year4. When  Peter came we had to go inside of the library of everything we had to go by groups but first I thought

THE library of everything

On Monday 5 Of December something strange happened the library of evrything landed in are school.We were first scared but than a librarian called Peter came to are school and took us in.What I saw was amazing it was like a book cave in there were the library landed was in are music room.In the room there was a lady called Peabody she is a one of the guardians of the library and she told us a story.

It was about a old man and a house every body in the village was scared of that house the house was old and creepy.people made up story’s about him and the house one day a boy was playing with a ball than it went into the old creepy house so the boy bravely went in and got it.when he was in there he saw creepy things and he found out he. Was kind


Kensington Palace

First we went to the trainstation to set off to Kensington Palace it took 15 stops .

Next we entered the palace , the doors were really cool because when you push it opens and stays in it’s place.

 After that we explored the palace and filled in our clip board wich was filled with questions.

Then we ate lunch . It was very yummy .

Finally we left the palace and went school.

My trip to Kensington palace

On our trip to Kensington palace,we first went to the tube station on the tube we stopped at Earl’s Court . After we got onto another train to South Kensington then after a 10 minute walk we finally arrived at the palace when we got into the palace the other school was very noisy but when they had gone it was very quiet then we hung our coats up after we had hung our coats up we split up into three groups and then we went inside one of the rooms after we had went inside half of the rooms it was lunch now we


The Library of everything

Suddently it appeared the library of everything so it all started when Peter came to the class and Talked about to decorate the library after two,three days to do it the next day we went in it was so cool apparently the magic key is a book we found in class that did not open.

then we went in with the magic key we thought that it was going to be scary but there was 3 paths then we found the way and this lady called P.body she said she lives there maybe she’s a guardian she is really really kind.

when she told us a story it was a woundful she said that I reminded a girl then she told us a story about a spider story and the spider was really there but plastic I really loved the library of everything it’s really fun I want to go there again.

The library of everything !

On Monday Belinda called us into the hall for an emergency. She told us  that the library of everything has  landed in our school . The library is like a old place with old books and Belinda and Peter is a librarian and they have a book that doesn ‘ t open we use that to open the door.One day on my friend Chair there was a book and then we told Peter and he took us to the library and we saw a lady and her name is Mrs.peabody she is the guardian for the library .She told us that the library has over 100 rooms. Also she told us a story about a little girl called Ivy.At the end she gave us a apprentice card.After all that  we went to  another library but that library is normal and we wrote what happened in the library of everything.And when we went back to our class room we wrote again about what happened in the library to our teacher.

Kensington palace

On Monday the 5th of December we went to a special palace called Kengsington palace.We went by the tube,it was 15 stops!It took a long time so me and Sara pretended that we’re statues.

When we arived we had to put risbands on as tickets.There was a few other schools there.Once we got our tickets we got our clip boards and started writing a few answers.

Did you know that everything had to be removed when the queen had smallpox,but they kept some things such as her bed,chandler

Kensington palace


On Monday we went on a trip to Kensington palace.

We saw picture of Queen Mary and Prince Albert. The Royal  family lived in Kensington palace.First we went to rooms and found some facts.

On the tube we were with  the public.Queen Mary had no children and was alone with Prince Albert.  We saw lots of statues and pictures.