My winter holiday

In the winter holiday I went to my cousins house, my cousins were happy I was at there house.

But my mum,dad and sister didn’t come so I was the only one from my ¬†family but Everything was OK.That night we watched a film called nanny McPhee me and everyone else in the house was watching.

My cousins fell asleep quicker than me,I didn’t fall asleep as fast as them but in the morning I woke up earlier them my cousins but that day lots of relatives came,so we had a lot of fun.

That night we fell asleep quickly and the adults as well.And me and my cousin woke up early so we played on our iPads, after we quickly washed our face and brushed our teeth.Then when everyone woke up we had already done everything and everyone had to do what we did and me and my cousins had breakfast first.

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