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At my cousins house!

I went to my cousin’s new house but my dad and I had already been. It took a while to get there and we had some sweets on the way. They were soo nice! Finally we got there. My older cousin brother was also there. I went upstairs to see their baby brother and he smiled at me!(He also laughed.) I got one of his toys and dropped it on the floor. He laughed SO much! I clapped my hands twice and held my hands out to see if he would come to me, but he didn’t come. Then he had to go to sleep,so I played hide and seek with my cousin. Surprisingly I kept winning! Soon my cousin gave up,so we played hot and cold instead.

My holiday

On wednes day I went to my moms mom and dads house but unfortunately my moms mom died. But luckily my moms dad survived. but my cousins were staying and    cept me company  but on that week it was my baby brother yunuss birth day he said he wants a bat man cake

Christmas holiday

In the holidays I went to my cousins house and stayed there for five days.Weplayed football crossbar challenge and try not to laugh challenge.Andplayed with our tablets we where whatching ice age 5. After that it was night when morning came we hadchocolate after that .Wewent outside to play football after a few minutes we went back in. The house because there was ice I was shocked we had dinner after.dinner we played ps4 and the game was fifa 17 after that in was full of ice after an hour we played call of duty infante warfare .it was mad 5hours after it was night we  watched things in youtube .after we went asleep it was the 3rd day and we went out to the park there was lots of stuff





My magic holiday

On my holiday it was my auntie birthday on January 1st that’s white new year eve.we went to the market to by 2 cakes 1 was vannila and 1 was ice cream said I love you what was ice cream  flaverd and one said happy birthday.aft


On the first week of my holiday I went to my cousin’s house and we had a sleepover .We played lots of games and had lots of fun .We also played lots of challenges .My sister won most of the challenge’s. The next day we went to winter wonderland ! I went on four ride’s .The scariest ride was a ride called yeti it spins so fast and it goes up and down.

The restraunt

,on monday  6o.clock am   we were  invited to a restraunt  named  effes in   Aldgate  east  .   We  drove there  it was heavy rain .   When we  arrived we went downstairs found our family . I sat next to my favraite  cousin . The  menu  was  handed  around  .  Most food , were turkish  .  We  chose  2 mix meals and 8 bottles  of  drinks.  In a cup

My best holiday

In the holidays I stayed in my cousins house and played Destiny the taken King. Then the next day we played the diving game with my cousin. Then after dinner we played cricket with the long pillow and the ball. Then again we played Destiny the taken King then we got a gun called touch of malice. Then we played call of duty cod ghost next we played call of duty black ops. Then I went home to spend some time with my family. Then my cousin came to stay in my house

My winter holiday

In the winter holiday I went to my cousins house, my cousins were happy I was at there house.

But my mum,dad and sister didn’t come so I was the only one from my  family but Everything was OK.That night we watched a film called nanny McPhee me and everyone else in the house was watching.

My cousins fell asleep quicker than me,I didn’t fall asleep as fast as them but in the morning I woke up earlier them my cousins but that day lots of relatives came,so we had a lot of fun.

That night we fell asleep quickly and the adults as well.And me and my cousin woke up early so we played on our iPads, after we quickly washed our face and brushed our teeth.Then when everyone woke up we had already done everything and everyone had to do what we did and me and my cousins had breakfast first.